Waiting as always

I'm not so patiently waiting to purchase a new chromebook. My PC has the old Windows that I'm not upgrading, plus it's old/bulky and slow. So, while I wait to have enough funds, I daydream... creating stories in my head that I want to publish. So much in there waiting to be expressed in words and illustrations. I could get lost in it, and not being found doesn't sound so bad.

I plan to start a new painting tomorrow. I've done a few new ones in the last month. Winter is the best time to really be more productive since I'll want to spend more hours outside working once the weather warms up, and I'll start going to more events to sell.

Waiting on the new chromebook. Waiting on my tax return. Waiting on spring. Waiting on Friday. Waiting on my turn.... ugh. But everything happens in God's time, so I'll just have to wait everything out.