So, here we are!

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

This past year has been full of challenges, and changes. It hasn't been easy, but there have been some good moments along the way.

First, there's the hard stuff.

My daughter and I dealt with loss and pain with the passing of my grandmother who lived to be 99. She lived in the same home from 1948 - 2017. Earlier last fall, my marriage ended, and my daughter had to adjust to a one-parent home and I had to learn how to manage everything on my own. My career also switched directions for the worse. Then, came the move from Staunton City to the small community of Craigsville, VA. It was a very stressful process. Moving is rarely without challenges and questioning yourself if you made the right decision to box up your whole life. Plus, moving from a cape code down to a cottage...with thank the Lord for moving companies (#greenvalleymoving was fantastic).

Now, on to the good stuff.