It's about the relationship

Fall is here. The leaves will be changing soon. Some of us are going through our own season of change. I know I am, and I have been for the last year. Change can be so difficult!! But, we all go through things at one time or another. Whatever the season, it's best to look at it all as a time of growth. Being a Christian woman, and single mom, I know that everything I go through is for the sole purpose of molding me into the woman that God wants me to be. It's not always sunshine and roses, and some days I am sad and I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. But, what joy I feel when I say, "Okay, God! I'm giving all of this to you. You can handle it for me and I know everything that's meant to be for me and my family will happen in your time." Letting that weight go is freeing. Knowing I have a loving Father there for me, and that His son died for me, is comforting and brings me peace. I have that relationship. It's not about what denomination of church I do or do not attend. It's not about following the word of man or following a pastor. It's about the holy spirit that is inside of me. It's something someone can only know by giving their life over to Christ, and being present with Him and his word. What peace He brings in such a world full of discontent and hate.

I moved to the country in June. It's been a huge shift for my life. I've found peace out here, and the quiet I needed to refocus and figure out what I want to do professionally. I have found that I really enjoy painting local churches. What's not to love about the houses of God? They are the keepers of beautiful childhood memories for many, and that safe place so many of us have turned to in when the days seem dark and cold. Houses of light and love.

I have painted two church paintings, and will continue with this series for a bit :) If you have a church in mind that you think I should consider painting, please let me know!

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