Dana Adkins is a Rockbridge County, VA watercolor artist and professional photographer with more than 15 years experience. Her love of animals and nature really shines through in her colorful, detailed, one-of-a-kind, paintings.

Painting for Dana is a time for reflection, and relaxation as she is a HSP (highly sensitive person) and the hustle and bustle of everyday life can sometimes be overwhelming. This is her outlet to let the stress of the day go. Each brushstroke feels like sweeping the worries away.

Dana paints a lot of nature scenes, and watching an animals character develop, a cluster of mushrooms pop up in a spring green patch, or an old church give off it's aura with each new dab of color, makes her smile. She likes to add small details for fun to see if anyone notices (like a bird, snail, worm, initials, etc.).

She married the love of her life in 2020, and couldn't be happier. Her husband is an iron worker and pastor, and is very supportive. When Dana isn't painting, she can be found curled up with her cat Marvel on her lap, taking care of the kids, or at the elementary school where she works as an instructional assistant.


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