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Giclee prints & original watercolor paintings by Dana Adkins

Looking for something unique?

On this page, you will find a variety of options to order beautifully printed Giclee prints, folded cards (blank inside), and even the Original artwork by Dana Adkins. Even if you're not a so-called "art collector," there's still something special about having that perfect image in your home that always catches your eye and makes you smile. Smile because you have something not everyone else does.

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"I never pre-price art, because I don't know what the actual amount will be until I'm finished. With "commissioned" paintings/art, I never expect anyone to buy the finished painting. I take on commissioned ideas with the understanding that it's because it's something I want to do, or am inspired to try. If a potential client doesn't like the finished product, they're under zero obligation to buy. Or, if they do like it, but decide they don't want to pay the price of the actual original painting, they can always buy a print. That way, I'm happy because I got to paint something I enjoyed, and the client is happy with what they decide to purchase as well, if they do." ~ Dana 

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